Colorsets Collection (40 Presets & 6 Tutorials) (2020)

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(2020 Edition)


These presets are designed to give your images a dreamy and colourful look quickly and effectively. The presets will set the foundation for the edit, and the tutorials will teach you how to fine tune the presets to your liking. I will be showing you how I personally would fine-tune these presets but I want to show you the techniques that are involved so that you can use these presets to create your own unique processing style.


You will receive 5 unique Adobe Lightroom Presets per each volume. The base option comes with a total of 20 presets and 4 tutorials. And the upgraded option comes with 40 presets and 6 tutorials. These presets and tutorials have been handcrafted by me, using techniques that I've developed over 7 years in my photography career.


You have to have some version of Lightroom available to you in order to use these presets. These presets can be used in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Mobile. If you don't have access to Lightroom but would like to get it, I recommend subscribing to the Adobe Photography Plan (not sponsored):

Also, make sure you are shooting your images in RAW. This will give you the full editing potential of your camera.

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Colorsets Collection (40 Presets & 6 Tutorials) (2020)

9 ratings