Presets & Tutorials (20 Presets & 2 Tutorials) (2018)

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(2018 Edition)

After many requests for a full collection of my presets; it is finally ready. In this bundle, you will receive all 4 preset packs that are currently available on my site. And you will receive both the Vol. III preset pack tutorial and the Vol. IV tutorial. As far as presets are concerned, this is it.

Many creators online sell preset packs but they don't show you how to apply and fine tune each preset. I personally believe that it is so important that you know how to do the necessary dodging and burning to really make these presets work on your images. So I wanted to put together the tutorials for the Vol. III and Vol. IV pack to show you how to do that.

The presets that will be included in this bundle are as follows:

ZD001 - Tranquility

ZD002 - Golden

ZD003 - Inertia

ZD004 - Beaming

ZD005 - Mystery

ZD006 - Arctic Express

ZD007 - Lakeside Serenity

ZD008 - Parallel Perspectives

ZD009 - Inferno

ZD010 - Colour Pockets

ZD011 - Awakening

ZD012 - Discovery

ZD013 - Rose Gold

ZD014 - Riverside

ZD015 - Ignition

ZD016 - Frosty

ZD017 - Twilit Tranquility

ZD018 - Arctic Awakening

ZD019 - Breaking Through

ZD020 - Enlighten

Please note that you will need your own personal copy of Adobe Lightroom in order to use these presets. You can get Lightroom by either purchasing the software or signing up for the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (what I personally have).

Here is the link to the current available plans:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message on Instagram (@calibreus) or send me an email:

I'd love to hear your feedback!

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Presets & Tutorials (20 Presets & 2 Tutorials) (2018)

6 ratings